Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The latest

Life goes on at the Meissner house. I keep busy announcing Tri-City Storm Hockey, as the season winds down towards the end of the regular season. The team is on the outside looking in at the post season at this moment, but there's still hope.

Kim has just recently passed the six month mark in her pregnancy. We learned about a month ago that we are having a boy, whom we will name James Harper Meissner. He'll have the same initials as me, plus he'll be named James, after a friend of Kim's and Harper, after my former employer at WMEL Radio in Melbourne, Florida, John Harper. This pregnancy has been extremely rough on Kim, but bless her heart, she is trying her best to have a healthy baby. I am so proud of her!

Snoopy and Smoke are such a joy in our lives. They enjoy playing with each other and are excited to have a little brother on the way. We've noticed lately, that Smoke seems to be clinging to Mami a bit more lately and that Snoopy continues to grow closer to his Daddy. There are low spots, as in any marriage, but we are as happy as happy can be.

Please keep us in your prayers, as Kim continues her pregnancy and I try to be as good a husband as I can be.

See you soon!

Me announcing a recent Tri-City Storm Hockey game.

Kim with Snoopy and Smoke

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