Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from Jimmy

Hewwo evwebuddy! My name is Jimmy! I will be 7 mumfs owd on Satuwday. Tooday is my fuwst Kwismus. Mommy an' Daddy haz towded me dat it's Jeezuz birfday. I wuv Jeezuz! I bewong to him. Mommy sez dat wen I is a yeaw owd I gets to hav a birfday partee too but it won't be as big as Jeezuz birfday. Dat's okay. Jeezuz is weal speshul so I fink evwebuddy shud cewebwate his birfday.

I has had a qwiut day wif Mommy an' Daddy an' da puppees. I has eetud my bottul an' sum babee cewyul. Mommy an' Daddy had big peepuw fud. I has takeded a cupa naps too. Mommy an' Daddy gotted me cwose dat say "Babee's fuwst Kwismus". I stiw a widdle guy but I fink I wike dis Kwismus. I weawwy wike aw da bwite wites! An' I wike sayeeng Happee Birfday to Jeezuz!

My nek pwobwum is geting beddew. Mommy an' Daddy stwech my nek free ow fow times a day. I don't wike it cuz it huwts an' I cwy. Dey aways tew me dey is sowwy. I wish dey wudunt do it but Mommy sez it makes my nek beddew. I hope my nek is aw beddew soon so dey stop doing it. It huwts!

I fink I gonna get a toof soon. An' I has stawted to tawk! Mommy an' Daddy sez dat I gonna say my fuwst wud soon. I can say sumfing dat sownds wike da-da an' ga-ga an' sum uvur sownds. Daddy cant wate fow me to wook at him and say da-da. Daddy awso wantz me to say ma-ma. I wuk on dat!

Happee Birfday Jeezuz! I wuv yew!

An' I wuv aw uv yew too!


Mewwy Cwismus evwybuddy!

Time for pwesints Mommy!

Playing "It's A Wonderful Life" for Jimmy.

The cutest Christmas baby in town!

Our best Christmas present of all, even though we opened him seven months ago.

Snoopy and Smoke get presents too!

Snoopy and Smoke help Jimmy unwrap presents.

Jimmy gots lots of nice clothes.

Mommy shows Jimmy and the boys the animal book.

Mommy shows Jimmy the Baby Jesus.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Jimmy's BIG day!

Today was the day! James Harper Meissner was baptized into the family of God at the 10:00 service this morning at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. One of my best friends, Debbie, Jimmy's godmother, came up from Florida this weekend. We had a great time. Here are Jimmy's impressions of the day:

Hewwo, evwebuddy! My name is Jimmy. I am 5 mumfs owd. I had wots of fun dis weekind. My Ant Deedee comed up fwum da pwace wewe Mommy koms fwum cawed Fworda. Her is wots and wots of fun. Her pwayed wif me an' feeded me an' changeded my didees. I weawwy wuv hew!

Toodae wuz a speshul day fow me. I gotted baptizedud an' I bewong to Jeezuz fowevew an' evew! We gotted to wok in behyn da cwoss in fwunt uv da kwier. Mommy cawed it da pwosesun. We gotted do sit in da fwunt wow uv da chuwch an' aftew Favuw Bwian pweeched da surmun Mommy an' Daddy an' Ant Deedee gotted up wif me in fwunt uv da chuwch an' dey maded pwomusus to Jeezuz to ways me as a Kwischun. Den we woktud to da bak uv da chuwch an' wile Mommy an' Daddy hewded me Favuw Bwian poorded watew on my hed an' baptizedud me! Den he putted dis oyul on my hed an' towded me I wuz seeled by da Howy Spiwit in Baptizum an' markded as Cwist's (dat's Jeezuz) own fowevew! Yay! Mommy an' Daddy has towded me aw ubowt Jeezuz an' I wuv him cuz he wuvz me! Mommy an' Daddy sed Jeezuz sended me to dem. I'm gwad cuz I wuv dem so much! Aftew chuwch we haded a pawty fow me! I wuv aw uv da peepul at chuwch an' dey wuv to howd me an' pway wif me. It makes me feew speshul. I'm gwad Mommy an' Daddy takes me to chuwch dewe. I wike heawing aw ubowt God an' Jeezuz an' seeying aw my fwends dewe. I wuvs dem!

Dat's aw fow now. I is vewy tiwurd. Mommy sez I needs to go to bed. I don't wanna but I gotta do wat Mommy sez cuz I'm a widdle guy. Gud nite evwywun. I wuv aw uv yew!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jimmy is five months old!

Yesterday was Jimmy's 5 month birthday! Can you believe it? Here is his update in his own words:

Hewwo evwybuddy! My name is Jimmy. I is 5 mumfs owd now. I is getting weawwy big an' I is eating wike a widdle bawacooda (watevew dat is), at weest dat's wat Mommy sez. I is now wowwing ovuw bof wayz fwum my bak to my tumee an' fwum my tumee to my bak. I is pwaying in my exursawser now. It's fun! I wuv to waff an' smiyul wots.

Mommy haz startud a noo job (watevew dat is) so I is staying home wif Daddy wen hez not doing hokee stuff. Day aw wooking fow a baybeesitur fow me fow wen Daddy haz to go owt uv town. Dere is a wady at chuwch dey aw gonna ask.

I is vewy, vewy exsitud! I is geting baptizeded on Sundee! My Ant Deedee is fwying up hewe fwum Fworda (wer Mommy is fwum) cuz her is my godmuvuw! Her huzbun Unka Wic cant com. We is gonna hav wots of fun! Is is gonna get to bewong to Jeezuz fowevew! I weawwy wuv going to da chuwch. Aw da wadies wuv me!

Daddy tooked me an' Mommy to a hokee game wast Fwidee nite. We went bak to dat pwace cawed Gween Bay. We seed dese gize fwum da weeg Daddy usta wuwk in. Dey wuz cawed da Gween Bay Gambwers an' da Fawgo Fowce. It wuz fun! Daddy seed sum kidz he nowed fwun da teem he usta wuwk fow. I weawwy wike hokee!

Dat's aw fow now. Daddy hasta take Mommy to wuwk so I gotta go get dwessed. I wuv aw uv yew!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jimmy is four months old today!

Here's Kim with this month's Jimmy update:

Can you believe it? Our Jimmy is 4 months old today. He continues to be a delight. He has discovered his hands and now grabs everything. In the past few days he's started grabbing and hanging onto his feet. He is eating like a little barracuda and growing like a weed. His 4 month checkup is this coming Wednesday so he'll get his immunizations and we'll find out how much he weighs and how tall he is. I look back at pictures of him when he was a newborn and I can't believe how much he's changed.

It looks like his eyes are going to stay the same bright crystal blue...just like his daddy. In fact, he is a carbon copy of John. The only part of me I see in him is the nose and chin. He's even built like his father with broad shoulders, narrow hips, long legs, and big feet. He's in size 1 shoes already. His 0-3 month shirts fit just fine for now but he still has trouble keeping his britches up (thanks to the narrow hips). He does great in his overalls though and looks just adorable.

He is "talking" to us more and more. He loves to smile and laugh. The only times he cries are when he's hungry, overtired (and doesn't want to go to sleep), or when his teething is bothering him. I think he's going to get his first tooth in back; at least that's where it feels like it's ready to come through the gum. I know it may still be another couple of months before his first tooth comes in but he is showing all the signs of teething: excessive drooling, chewing on his hands, his toys, his clothes, and me! He's doing very well sitting up with support. He's been able to roll over since he was 2 months old. He also likes to try to pull himself up when I have him in the tub. That's a bit scary with a slippery baby! He is strong and really starting to explore his world. He doesn't crawl yet but when he's on his tummy he will kick his legs and scoot himself forward. He likes to sit in his bouncer chair and play with the hanging toys. He also loves to be in one of his play gyms and he grabs and bats at the toys. I still think his favorite toy is Daddy. The dogs are just wonderful with him.

He is once again sleeping in his crib instead of the car seat. We are continuing to do the gentle neck stretches and massage with him every day to help the wry neck and he has shown some improvement. It will take time. I think sleeping in the car seat caused the problem and now that he's back in the crib that will help his progress.

Please keep all of us in your prayers as James Harper Meissner is baptized into the household of God on November 2nd. He will be baptized at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. We have been attending services there since we got here and we feel very comfortable and welcomed there. It's a small congregation and they are just crazy about Jimmy. He seems to love it there and spends most of the time looking around at everyone and everything. He likes the lights, the statues, the colors in the windows, and all the different sounds. His morning feeding tends to conincide with service times so he takes his bottle during the service. There is a wonderful rocking chair in the back of the nave and one of us will take him back there if he starts fussing. We've been asked/told not to take him out of church when he does start making noise, they love hearing him. I told them that was no problem, I didn't want to miss out on any of the service either. It's great to be in a place where we are all welcomed, wanted, and loved.

John has posted new pictures to Jimmy's photobucket account. Here's the link so you can see the latest photos and videos of the world's cutest baby: Of course we're not prejudiced or anything (much!).

It's getting late and that early morning feeding comes all too early. We'll keep you updated as to how things are going with Jimmy and with us. And we'd love to hear from you too! Stay tuned for the latest updates from the Meissner family!

Kim, John, Jimmy, Snoopy, and Smoke

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jimmy is three months old today!

Where has the time gone? Little Jimmy is 3 months old today. He continues to be a delight and the light of our lives. He is now able to roll over and holds his head up and looks around. He is using his hands more and more but he still hasn't quite "discovered" them. He's also using his legs a lot more and he will try to stand up in the tub when he gets his bath. He coos at us and is starting to "talk" to us a lot more. Daddy had him laughing in church on Sunday which cracked Mommy up. People let us know they heard him and they loved it. We don't know exactly how much he weighs but he is growing like a little weed. It's amazing how much he has changed since he was born. He's a real little person now and his personality emerges more every day. He would rather be up and playing or being held than anything. The dogs are very good with him and they don't seem to scare him at all so we're fortunate there.

We've always been a happy couple and didn't think it would be possible to be any happier. But, since Jimmy has arrived, the happiness factor in the Meissner home has gone off the charts. Three humans, two dogs, five hearts, 14 legs, lots of love!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jimmy does Lambeau

Hewwo evwebuddy! My name is Jimmy. I had a gweat day wif my Mommy an' Daddy.

We awe wiving in a new hows cawed Wiskonsun now. I weawy wike it. I has my own woom at wast! Dere is a pwace hewe in Wiskonsun cawed Gween Bay whewe dey pway a game cawed footbaw. Mommy sez footbaw is da bestest game evew inventud. Daddy sez hokee is. I hasn't seed any hokee yet. I has seed Daddy do basbaw games. Today Daddy tooked Mommy an' me to dis Gween Bay pwace to see dese guys cawed da Packews pwactus dere footbaw and to see dis big pwace cawed Wambo Feewd. It's where dese Packew guys pway dere games. We gotted dere an' we gotted to watch da Packew guys pwactus acwoss da stweet fwum dis Wambo Feewd pwace. It was fun! Den we wented to da Wambo Feewd an' tooked a toor uv it. It was weawy cool! We seed da stachus of a coupwa guys cawed Curwy Wambo (I fink dey nameded da pwace aftew him) and Vins Wombardee (he wuz a koch). We gotted to see pwivut box too! An' den we gotted to go down and go on da feewd where dey pway da games. At weast dat's what Mommy an' Daddy towded me. I fawed asweep aftew I eatud. But Mommy an' Daddy gotted a piktuw of aw fwee uv us dere. Den Mommy an' Daddy goed to da Pwo Shop and Mommy botted a widdle Packews hewmut fow my woom!

Aftew dat Daddy tooked us to dis pwace cawed Tony Woma's to eat. Daddy an' Mommy had big peepuw food an' I eatud my fowmuwa. I be gwad wen I can eat da big peepuw food too. Aftew Mommy an' Daddy wuz dun wif dinnew we cameded home. Mommy feeded me agin.

It's bedtime now. I vewy tiwurd. I has had a big day! But it shur wuz fun wif Mommy an' Daddy. I weawy wuv dem wots and wots. Dey wuvs me too.

Pwetty soon we awe moving to anuver new hows cawed Mishagun. I hopes I wike it dere. I weawy wike it hewe in Wiskonsun. I hopes I has my own woom dere too. But I guess as wong as I have my Mommy an' Daddy an' da puppies I will be vewy happee.

Nite nite, evewywun. I gonna go beddy bye now.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

Today is a really special day, as my lovely bride Kim and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary. We're going to go to a fun park, go for a drive and have a nice dinner together, while Jimmy is enjoying the neighbors downstairs.

Kim and I were married on August 6th, 2005 at Christ the King Episcopal Church in Orlando, Florida. We have had a wonderful time together since then, with each other, as well as with our son Jimmy and our dogs Snoopy, Freckles and Smoke. We've done a lot of things and seen a lot of places and there's no one I'd rather go through life with than my Pookie Bear.

I love you Kim. You are my heart. Thank you for saying yes!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jimmy is two months old today!

Our little Jimmy is growing up! Today is his 2-month birthday. We went to watch Daddy umpire a baseball game and now we're home and he doesn't want to go to sleep. Here is life at 2 months in his own words:

Hewwo evewybuddy! My name is Jimmy. I am 2 months owd today. I am vewy, vewy helfy and happy wif my famwy. Dey weawwy wuv me wots and wots.

Mommy an' Daddy tooked me to see da nice doktur wady on Fwiday. I am ewevun pownds now and I am 22 1/4 inchus taw. I is getting BIG! I wolled ovew for da nice doktur wady too! She sez I am way cute! I did NOT wike it when da nurse comed in an' giveded me dose shots! I cwied weaw woud! Mommy sez dey are to make me helfy so I gwow big an' stwong wike Daddy. I not shur I beweev hew but I guess I do. She giveded me my bottul wight aftew da shots so dat wuz ok.

I am pwaying mowe and mowe now and eating mowe and mowe. I has sweepeded fru da nite 2 times dis week! I don't weawwy wike to take my naps duwing da day but I guess I gotta. I wanna stay awake and pway! Ow at weast have Mommy hold me!

Da puppies shur are funny! Dey are pwetty cool. Soon I can pway wif dem. I hope dey wike it.

Dat's aw fow now. I tiwurd. I wuv aw uv yew!


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jimmy at one month

There's not a lot of hockey news from Meissner Central until we move to Michigan in August, so here's another Jimmy update for you. Normally, I do a bit of re-writing of the emails my wife sends out, but this time I'll let her do the talking, so you won't think I'm saying all those flowery things about myself! Take it away Dear....

Can you believe it? Little Jimmy was 1 month old yesterday(Friday). He celebrated today(Saturday) by going to watch his Daddy umpire a baseball game in Kenesaw, about 45 minutes away. He had been having a bad case of the fussies since yesterday--I think it may have been gas pains--and the car ride knocked him out. He did wake up a little bit to eat but didn't even stir when I changed his diaper. He usually complains when I do that little job. He did get a little fussy toward the end of the game ("I don't wanna be put down! Hold me!) but fell asleep on the way home. We left there around 5:45 and he's still asleep. It's past his feeding time so he'll be hungry when he wakes up. We had a good time and it was nice for me to get out of the house and do something fun. The baseball wasn't very good (American Legion, teenagers) but it was still fun.

We are all doing pretty well and getting adjusted to life with a baby. I'm having a rough time right now with postpartum depression but I'm being treated for it and John is being incredibly supportive. I'll get over it in time but right now it stinks! John keeps me grounded, especially when my patience wears thin. Thank God for him. He is an amazing father to Jimmy. He just seems to know instinctively what to do with him and how to play with him. He has no problem acting silly in front of the baby whereas I am having to learn how all over again. I guess that's the advantage of having a husband who harbors an overgrown kid in that body. It's just so sweet to see the two of them together. Even though Jimmy's eyesight isn't that keen yet after the game today when John came over to the stroller and called his name, he responded to the sound of Daddy's voice. I love it when I hold him and he just stares back into my eyes. I think we're going to have a little blue eyed blond or strawberry blond. Whatever he looks like he sure is a cutie pie!

As soon as we know our new address in Michigan we'll pass it along. Only 1 month left in Nebraska! We're movin' out of Tornado Alley! Can you tell we're excited? Especially after another trip to the basement when the sirens sounded this week. That wasn't for a tornado but we had 80 mph winds in advance of a cold front. I thought the windows in the house were going to break but they didn't. Give me a hurricane any day over this crazy weather. At least with one of those you have at a minimum several hours of warning, you know how big the thing is and approximately how long it will last, you know how strong it is, and if you need to you have a chance to evacuate. I'm not saying that they're fun (because they aren't) but at least you can be better prepared for one.

Okay, time to wrap this up. That's all from the Meissner home for now.

Kim, John, Jimmy, Snoopy and Smoke

Here I am with Jimmy before the big game.

Jimmy Baseball takes in the action.

Daddy calls a strike.

Jimmy, the future umpire in his crib, signaling "safe at home!"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jimmy update

Jimmy had his three week check up today and he's doing very well! This new formula for sensitive tummies seems to be agreeing with him; he's gained 10 ounces in the past week! He now weighs 8 lbs. 13 oz. and is growing, well, like a baby. He still has occasional periods of being fussy but it never lasts too long.

Jimmy is 3 weeks old today and he is such a joy. We never thought we could love anything as much as we love our baby boy. We are noticing that he is more alert and wants to stay awake longer after feedings. He's lifting his head and pushing up on his arms ("baby pushups") when he's on his tummy and a couple of times he's almost managed to roll over onto his tummy from his back. That usually happens during bath time or diaper change when he is NOT happy with his parents. He doesn't like being wet and naked. He is a snuggler and would rather be held than anything so we always have a little fussing when we put him down to down to sleep. It doesn't last long and then he's usually down for a couple hours. He's now going about 4 hours between feedings and every once in a while he'll go 5 hours overnight. Yes, we're looking forward to the time when he sleeps through most of the night. But all in all, he's a very good baby and the delight of our lives.

We don't have to go back to the doctor for another month and that will be for his 2-month immunizations. We want to get that done before we move to Michigan. That is set to happen around the first of August. Keep checking Jimmy's Photobucket album for the latest pictures of the cutest baby in the world (in his parents' humble opinion!)

John, Kim, Jimmy, Snoopy and Smoke

At the doctor's office.

Having a quick snack before seeing the doctor.

Dr. Howe checks out Jimmy.

"Wanna go home Jim Jim?"

Jimmy holds Daddy's finger.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

We're regular ol' TV stars!

The 2008 Buffalo County Nebraska Relay for Life took place yesterday. I was the event's MC for the second straight year, a great honor indeed. It's always an inspiration to be with other cancer survivors. KHAS TV did a wonderful story on the event. You can find it on the list of videos on the station's main web page, The story is titled "Relay for Life gives hope to cancer victims." With everyone's efforts, we anticipate the day when we can tell our son Jimmy that cancer is a things of the past.

On stage as MC with Jimmy.

Preparing to walk with Jimmy.

On the backstretch.

"Feed me! Feed my mouth!" Mommy feeds Jimmy.

Daddy and Jimmy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


....James Harper Meissner, born in Kearney, Nebraska on May 27th at 7:15p.m. CDT. He weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces and measured 20 3/4 inches long. Jimmy and his parents are doing fine.

You can see his pictures at:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Big Day is here at last!

We are at the hospital. Labor inducement has begun and we are praying that it works, because we want to go home with our baby!

We have set up a photo bucket account to post all our pictures. You can see them at:
We greatly appreciate your prayers. Thank you.
John, Kim, Jimmy(on the way), Snoopy and Smoke

Monday, May 26, 2008

See us on TV

This story appeared on the 10p.m. news Sunday night. Watch closely and you'll notice that Snoopy NEVER takes his eyes off the camera! Smoke does a good job putting on a show. Silly boys!

And doesn't my Pookie Bear look beautiful?!?!

(It looks like my tummy still sticks out further than hers. They're right....the camera does add 137 pounds!!!!)

This linky ( ) shows the written copy on their website.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our angel visited us

Our local ABC affiliate, NTV, did a "Big Give" contest, where the winner has to spend the entire prize on other people. A wonderful young woman, Monica Goodell was the winner and her plan for the money was to buy baby things for expectant parents, who couldn't do so themselves. Kim, a/k/a "Pookie Bear," entered a contest at a baby store in Kearney and that was how Monica found out about us and picked us as one of the families to help. Monica got us lots of diapers and clothes, plus some toys, a photo book, baby monitor and a bassinet that Kim really wanted. We had been quite concerned about how to get some of these items, but God heard our prayers and sent us an angel named Monica to help us out.

I was so overwhelmed by it all and Kim couldn't stop saying thank you. Thank you Monica. God used you and NTV to help us. Look for a story on NTV's 10p.m. news this Sunday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Monica, NTV's "Big Give" winner. I think she passed inspection.

You can NEVER have TOO MANY diapers!

Monica with more baby stuff, plus the guy from NTV arrives.

Sorting out all the "stuff."

"Ain't it cute?"

Kim assembles the bassinet.

Smoke sure is excited.

So is Snoopy.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jimmy update

Kim is about 34 weeks and things are getting interesting, to say the least. As I write this(about 12:30a.m. on Saturday, April 19th), we are at Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney. Kim had a lot of pain, so her baby doctor(little teeeeny doctor!), Dr. Schulte, suggested she come so he could take a peek under the hood. (We are still awaiting his arrival.) All monitors so far indicate everything's a.o.k. and that Jimmy isn't trying to escape early. Still looking forward to a June 1st delivery date, but we'll feel okay about things if he decides to come a week to ten days early.

Update: Dr. Schulte came in around 1:00a.m., had a quick "look-see" and prounced everything "okie-dokie," so Kim and I went home at 1:30. She's not up to going to work today, but should be okay to work tomorrow, which just also happens to be her 44th birthday! Way to go Pookie Bear! I'm very proud of you and I love you very much!

As always, your prayers are appreciated. Stay tuned for further updates as the big day approaches.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The latest

Life goes on at the Meissner house. I keep busy announcing Tri-City Storm Hockey, as the season winds down towards the end of the regular season. The team is on the outside looking in at the post season at this moment, but there's still hope.

Kim has just recently passed the six month mark in her pregnancy. We learned about a month ago that we are having a boy, whom we will name James Harper Meissner. He'll have the same initials as me, plus he'll be named James, after a friend of Kim's and Harper, after my former employer at WMEL Radio in Melbourne, Florida, John Harper. This pregnancy has been extremely rough on Kim, but bless her heart, she is trying her best to have a healthy baby. I am so proud of her!

Snoopy and Smoke are such a joy in our lives. They enjoy playing with each other and are excited to have a little brother on the way. We've noticed lately, that Smoke seems to be clinging to Mami a bit more lately and that Snoopy continues to grow closer to his Daddy. There are low spots, as in any marriage, but we are as happy as happy can be.

Please keep us in your prayers, as Kim continues her pregnancy and I try to be as good a husband as I can be.

See you soon!

Me announcing a recent Tri-City Storm Hockey game.

Kim with Snoopy and Smoke