Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our angel visited us

Our local ABC affiliate, NTV, did a "Big Give" contest, where the winner has to spend the entire prize on other people. A wonderful young woman, Monica Goodell was the winner and her plan for the money was to buy baby things for expectant parents, who couldn't do so themselves. Kim, a/k/a "Pookie Bear," entered a contest at a baby store in Kearney and that was how Monica found out about us and picked us as one of the families to help. Monica got us lots of diapers and clothes, plus some toys, a photo book, baby monitor and a bassinet that Kim really wanted. We had been quite concerned about how to get some of these items, but God heard our prayers and sent us an angel named Monica to help us out.

I was so overwhelmed by it all and Kim couldn't stop saying thank you. Thank you Monica. God used you and NTV to help us. Look for a story on NTV's 10p.m. news this Sunday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Monica, NTV's "Big Give" winner. I think she passed inspection.

You can NEVER have TOO MANY diapers!

Monica with more baby stuff, plus the guy from NTV arrives.

Sorting out all the "stuff."

"Ain't it cute?"

Kim assembles the bassinet.

Smoke sure is excited.

So is Snoopy.

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