Monday, November 3, 2008

Jimmy's BIG day!

Today was the day! James Harper Meissner was baptized into the family of God at the 10:00 service this morning at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. One of my best friends, Debbie, Jimmy's godmother, came up from Florida this weekend. We had a great time. Here are Jimmy's impressions of the day:

Hewwo, evwebuddy! My name is Jimmy. I am 5 mumfs owd. I had wots of fun dis weekind. My Ant Deedee comed up fwum da pwace wewe Mommy koms fwum cawed Fworda. Her is wots and wots of fun. Her pwayed wif me an' feeded me an' changeded my didees. I weawwy wuv hew!

Toodae wuz a speshul day fow me. I gotted baptizedud an' I bewong to Jeezuz fowevew an' evew! We gotted to wok in behyn da cwoss in fwunt uv da kwier. Mommy cawed it da pwosesun. We gotted do sit in da fwunt wow uv da chuwch an' aftew Favuw Bwian pweeched da surmun Mommy an' Daddy an' Ant Deedee gotted up wif me in fwunt uv da chuwch an' dey maded pwomusus to Jeezuz to ways me as a Kwischun. Den we woktud to da bak uv da chuwch an' wile Mommy an' Daddy hewded me Favuw Bwian poorded watew on my hed an' baptizedud me! Den he putted dis oyul on my hed an' towded me I wuz seeled by da Howy Spiwit in Baptizum an' markded as Cwist's (dat's Jeezuz) own fowevew! Yay! Mommy an' Daddy has towded me aw ubowt Jeezuz an' I wuv him cuz he wuvz me! Mommy an' Daddy sed Jeezuz sended me to dem. I'm gwad cuz I wuv dem so much! Aftew chuwch we haded a pawty fow me! I wuv aw uv da peepul at chuwch an' dey wuv to howd me an' pway wif me. It makes me feew speshul. I'm gwad Mommy an' Daddy takes me to chuwch dewe. I wike heawing aw ubowt God an' Jeezuz an' seeying aw my fwends dewe. I wuvs dem!

Dat's aw fow now. I is vewy tiwurd. Mommy sez I needs to go to bed. I don't wanna but I gotta do wat Mommy sez cuz I'm a widdle guy. Gud nite evwywun. I wuv aw uv yew!


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