Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Presenting Mr. Two Toofs!

Our boy had a bad case of the crankies Sunday and, lo and behold, yesterday morning his second tooth had come in. So now he has the two bottom teeth. I guess the next ones will be the top teeth. Any experienced moms out there who can tell us, we would appreciate it.

Jimmy is getting to be a big boy! He's eating at least one meal a day of baby food now and sometimes two meals. And he's started crawling although he's still more in the "scoot" mode; he will make it up onto his hands and knees and go forward a little bit.

Jimmy is into everything so now we have to watch him like a hawk. It will certainly be a lot of fun when he starts walking. He is also every inch a boy. Trying to dress him or change his diaper is like trying to wrestle Jell-o; he's a wiggle worm. It's just so much fun watching his personality emerge every day as he goes from being a baby to being a little boy!

Kim, John, Jimmy, Snoopy & Smoke

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