Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jimmy is two years old!

Last Thursday, May 27th, was Jimmy's second birthday. Here's some pictures....

Last Thursday was my second-ever Happy Birthday. Hooray for me!

Even though it was my birthday, Daddy got me the usual for breakfast: Bananas and milk.

All done!

I'm the toddler. Gotta love me!

No matter the occasion, breakfast always ends with a cookie.

Now for some Dinosaur Train on PBS. It's a good warm-up until Elmo comes on!

Now, here's some pictures from last Saturday's birthday party....

The gang's all ready for Jimmy's birthday party.

Let's see....Nums or play? What's a boy to do?

Okay, nums it is.

NOW it's time to play!

Dis is fun Wivia!

Okay Jackson. Let's go get more nums.

Time for Elmo cupcakes Daddy.

These are really nummy!

Are you thirsty Buddy?

Why, yes I am Auntie Denise!

Back home, opening presents.

Mommy and Snoopy help.

Happy Birthday Buddy! Mommy, Daddy, Snoopy and Smokey love you very much!

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